The Sangría Shop

Sangría with a Puertorican touch.....

About us

Our Team

Frances Vega


Frances is in charge of developing the recipes for different Sangrias and wines and wine blends. In her native, Puerto Rico she took seminars in International Cooking and started developing Cocktail Recipes.

She is a Certified Food Safety Manager who develops menus and creates food pairings that match our wines and spirits for The Sangria Shop Events. Like Fernando she has a background in Chemical Engineering, in fact they met in College and got married in 1998 and have two children.

Fernando  Costas

Master Distiller

Fernando has over five (5) years of experience as Business Manager and Master Distiller for The Sangria Shop Winery and Distillery. He is in charge of all the spirit development, marketing and distribution strategy, event coordination and community support. Fernando also has a Chemical Engineering background and over seventeen (17) years of experience managing capital projects in the pharmaceutical, energy and food industries.

About us

An Idea is Born

 Over 15 years ago we started  trying different recipes of Sangria for our own enjoyment and to entertain at our dinner parties.We were surprised about how many people started showing for our parties and asking about our Sangria.  In 2006 we moved to Portage, Michigan.  We missed our home Puerto Rico, so we started making Puerto Rican meals and of course drinks.  We made our Sangria for some friends and for our surprise they loved it, even those that did not drink wine.  Soon, We started making it for all our parties and our guests started telling that we should start selling the Sangria.

Sangria Taina

Well ,the first thing was to decide on a name.  We wanted a name that will get the customer attention and incite their curiosity, but at the same time a name that reflected our heritage.  We chose to name it Sangria Taina, after the native inhabitants of Puerto Rico, The Tainos.

Open for Business in 2012

 After 3 years of working hard and getting all our permits, we opened our doors in August 30th 2012 and we become the first winery in Portage, MI

Small Distillery

In 2014 we got our permit for a small distillery and we are developing fruit flavored spirits. Our Lime Vodka is very popular and we are working on a Coconut Rum.

Our New Location in 2019

  We open at our new location in 8842 Portage Road on September 7th. Now, we have more room to operate and more space for our guests. Here, you can enjoy Piña Colada and Sangria by the glass or get a bottle and relax with your friends. We are very excited for this new phase!